Solar panel systems uniquely designed for your needs.

While using Solar as part of an energy efficiency solution is an intelligent decision, the solar industry has been plagued by companies that overpromise and underdeliver leaving many system owners disappointed.

As a potential buyer its hard to know who to trust and what results you are likely to achieve when you buy a solar panel system.

How We're Different....

Each site uses energy differently which is why we uniquely design a system based on your usage requirements, budget and available roof space.

Having the expertise as accredited solar designers & electricians (not a salesperson), our focus is on providing honest information that helps households and businesses achieve lasting energy savings.

Using Our Tailored Design Process We...

your power usage and future goals

ways to shift energy use to solar hours

12 months of actual usage data

a solution that’s right for you

By taking the time to analyse your consumption, we can show you the potential dollar and energy savings
and payback period of investing in solar.

That’s why we give you much more than a ‘Solar Quote’.

Our commitment to Quality

When deciding to purchase a solar panel system, the quality of the components being installed and quality of
the installation plays a significant role in determining whether you will achieve the estimated savings.

Quality Installations

Our installers take great pride in ensuring panels and conduit are laid straight, cables are mostly hidden, and the inverter is positioned neatly on the wall.

Quality Products

We choose to use only the highest quality panels, racking, inverters and isolators sourced from reputable wholesaler supply chains with recall insurance for added protection.

Quality Service

Our installers are clean, neat, polite and punctual. We make the process easy and keep in touch with you after the installation to ensure you are achieving great results.

Already have solar but wondering if you could be saving more?

A Solar Performance Assessments will show you:

    • How your existing system is performing
    • Whether a system designed based on your usage needs can save you more
    • The cost of upgrading and if it’s worth it